Sellers Roadmap

Accepting an Offer

Having an experienced real estate agent on your side will assure that the negotiations will be beneficial to you, as the seller, but also fair to the buyer - Knowing this can save you time & money.

Price Is not Everything: Price is not always the deciding factor and the first offer may not be final: Our role is to help you sift through all the terms and conditions of the offer(s) you receive to help you create a transaction that best suits your needs. When appropriate, Homesearch will help you draft up a counter offer in response to an offer that comes up short of your needs. Contrary to popular belief, when presented with multiple offers, the highest price offer may not be the best offer to accept, after all things are considered!

Dealing Objectively and Fairly : Selling your home requires remaining objective and always negotiating in good faith. Homesearch will help you negotiate contractual terms that are beneficial to you and fair to the other party. An experienced agent knows how to handle situations including multiple offers and multiple counter offers prior to your going into contract with one buyer, or "ratifying" their offer.

The Deposit: Once there is a ratified offer, the buyer will deposit an agreed upon good faith deposit into an escrow account, reflecting their earnest intention to purchase your property.

Keep it in Writing (counter offers and addendums): Converting all verbal agreements to a commitment in writing signed by both parties clarifies everyone's intentions and prevents things from being ambiguous, forgotten or contradicted later. Homesearch will help you draft addendums to your contract that will help further your objectives.

Staying on Track: Real estate contracts provide a series of deadlines for both buyer and seller. Keeping this series of events on schedule ensures a timely and successful close of the transaction, or close of escrow. Upon acceptance of an offer, Homesearch will give you a copy of the timeline we will be using to track the transaction, so you will always know what's next.

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