Sellers Roadmap

Close of Escrow

This is your reward for choosing Genevieve Poulain, real estate agent . Congratulations! You've sold your home!

Final Walk-Through Inspection:
A few days prior to the buyer closing on your property, it is customary that the buyer makes a final walk thru inspection of the property. Is the property in the same condition as when the buyer initially saw the home? During this final inspection you will have the opportunity to "sign-off" on the property's condition to document that you have transferred the property in satisfactory condition.
Canceling Home Services and Utilities:
Don't forget to call local utilities and services so that they can terminate your service as of the date escrow will close. For the buyers' convenience, we will suggest they initiate service as of that same date.
If Things Get Complicated:
Sometimes things don't go according to plan. This is when you really need an experienced real estate agent. Maybe something in the house broke at the last moment, or the buyer's loan won't close on schedule; there are a lot of variables. Homesearch has been through this numerous times and have various strategies and options to help make your transaction as smooth as possible for you.
Close of Escrow:
When your transaction is nearly completed, the title company will provide you with a "closing statement" - a summary of all the financial details (pro-rations on property taxes and all the transaction-related costs.) Homesearch will go over this with you to be sure it is accurate. Prior to the planned closing date, the title company will have you sign the final documents. You will receive your proceeds from the transaction, and the buyer will become the official new owner. When everything is complete, the title company will record the transaction for you and the buyer at the  County Recorder's Office,
Genevieve Poulain will coordinate the delivery of your keys to the buyer once all paperwork have been completed and you have received the proceeds from the transaction.

For more information in these selling steps, contact
Geneviève Poulain (941) 276-0468

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