Buyers Roadmap                                                           

Sell Before you Buy
  • When to Buy - When to Sell: Unless you have considerable financial resources, it could be risky to put an offer on a new home before your first home sells. In fact, you might lose your chance to buy your new home if you cannot sell your first home in time or if you do not get the sales price you expected. You might even have to make payments on both homes until the first home sells.

  • Selling a Home Takes Time: It might take longer than you expect to sell your first home. It can take several weeks just to get a home listed for sale. It might take another month or two to find a buyer. Then depending on the lending market and the results of home inspections it might take another month or two for the buyer to close the transaction. Remember: Sellers don't want to wait for you to get your home sold!

  • Expert Advice Will Help Negotiations: Our job is to get you into the strongest negotiating position possible: Genevieve has closed thousands of transactions since she started in the Real Estate in Florida. Take advantage of our experience when we share with you that sellers prefer buyers who make a "strong" purchase offer. Sellers will choose qualified buyers who are ready to close the transaction quickly and easily, over buyers who are less prepared. If you are serious about buying, let us help you prepare so you can make the strongest offer possible. Lastly, we will help you structure your offer so you are protected in case things don't go as planned.

  • Worried Where You Will Live? This is a common concern when juggling a purchase with a sale. We have many ideas to help you! For example, we can negotiate a rent-back period so that you may rent your first home back from the buyer for a month or two while we help you find and buy your new home. Let us help you find the most convenient and affordable solution to minimize the moving impact on your lifestyle.

  • Real Estate Agents Are Valuable Assets: Agents know the market and can help you prepare your home for sale. We have helpful suggestions so that your home looks its best. We can help you budget for clean-up and any repairs that may help the home sell easily. We can help you decide which inspections should be completed prior to listing your home for sale. We know how to price homes appropriately so that your home will not be overpriced and sit on the market for a while without receiving offers. We also know that you may need us to go the extra mile to keep both your purchase and your sale transactions going smoothly. We have a great track record. No, it's not easy, but we're that good!

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